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Charlie Rose

Charlie Rose Biography

Passionate about music, 21-year-old Charlie Rose is an incredibly versatile artist. Although she started as a dancer, winning a variety of trophies and medals in Irish Dance, she opted at 13 to pursue her greater dream of becoming a singer / songwriter. Charlie has been writing her own material since she can remember and when the family were given an old piano, little did anyone imagine the inspiration that it would provide. As a girl, Charlie spent many a happy hour teaching herself to play on this much-loved instrument. Today, Charlie is still bringing it to life, adding soul to her lyrics.

At the age of 15, Rose joined an artist development programme. A year later, Charlie's achievements won her the 2006 Brit Bus Tour song writing award (in the under 21 category). In addition, she performed on Sky's Revelation music TV and was invited to perform live at various football stadiums around London and Yorkshire within the UK. This gave her a taste of what it feels like to perform in front of around 40,000 people (across 3 stadiums). At 17, Charlie performed at the Embassy nightclub in London at a Princes Trust VIP event. Up to this point, Charlie Rose's career in singing and song writing was predominantly "pop" in nature, but deep down always having a passion for R&B, Hip-hop, Soul and Gospel; Charlie decided to take time out from the music industry to re-define herself accordingly.

In the spring of 2008, with her parents taking on the role of manager, a newly defined Charlie Rose emerged. With amazing opportunities opening up for her to work with renowned producers and musicians, vibrant and soulful records are being created. Feisty, yet focused and determined, her fans will confirm that she is genuinely friendly and warm hearted. Loyal by nature, Charlie places a high importance on her fans and enjoys spending time reading their messages and interacting with them when time allows. Charlie is currently working on a Soul album. What a metamorphosis!